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Self-development with Bothmer Gymnastics

(further training for working with adults)


The desire for self-development is today in our society greater than ever. Many people yearn to re- find their inner balance again, after a stressful working day. Others seek to establish a better connection to their body and its resources in order to feel more alive, better balanced and well “in their skin”. There is an increasing desire to create more peace and continuity in our own inner world, or to develop the capacity for more openniss and harmony in our social environment.

There are plenty of possibilities to achieve this these days. Bothmer Gymnastics is one of them.

This training program focuses on working with adults. It should provide a basis and give animpulse for Bothmercourses as well as for working with individuals on a one-on-one basis.In our four-year basic Bothmer training the fields of education, therapy and self-development are usually represented in equal parts. However a deepening and focusing on only one of these areas is limited, since the participants come from different backgrounds, with different interests. Here, on this course, the work with adults should be in the foreground.

The training includes relevant aspects and topics for adult work with Bothmer Gymnastics (see weekend topics) and it offers at the same time an excellent opportunityto continue to work on the quality of one’s own movement. One’s own connection and understanding of Bothmer Gymnastics will be deepened further through practical work. Personal feedback, exchange and research-oriented work will be integral parts of the course.

The fact that Bothmer Gymnastic is not yet as well known in the public as it should, is certainly less a problem of the Gymnastic itself. It is rather up to us to keep on finding new, fresh, modern and relevant ways to bring it to the people.In this sense, this training aims to contribute to making the participant feel more comfortable with the exercises, to raising the level of know-how and to create a desire for working with adults.

The training is comprised of eight weekends with the following themes:

1. The difference between children-education and self-development.

  • Bothmer Gymnastics was initially developed as a pedagogical method and as such has a very clearly defined progress of development. But why is this method highly effective for adults as well? Are the educational aims the same for adults as for children, or do we need to develop other criteria and perspectives for working with adults?


2. Bothmer Gymnastics – a Movement-meditation for the 21st century

  • What is the core of Bothmer Gymnastics?
  • Is there something fundamentally different in Bothmer Gymnastics to other well-known techniques like Thai Chi, Chi Gong,Yogaor Mindfulness? Can we even considerBothmer Gymnastics as a form of”meditation”?


3. Biographical development phases and metamorphoses in life – I.

  • The seven-year phases.
  • Dealing with crises.


4. Biographical development phases and metamorphoses in life – II.

  • Development of the ego as a living process between the inner and the outer world.


5. Movement exercises suitable for adults.

  • Adults need a very different approach to movement than children. How can we adaptthe rich variety of physical activities that we have for children, into adult exercises? How can we preserve the qualities of the various forms of movement, when we do them in various differentways?
  • The connection between inner and outer movement.
  • The archetypal pictures of the Bothmer Gymnastics exercises and their relevancein certain lifesituations.


6. Structure of a one-on-one or a group session

  • Methodical-didactic hints. Concrete examples of how to build up one-on-one and group sessions.
  • Processes / Beginning and Ending / Hygienic Aspects/ Rhythm in the course.


7. How can I achieve/create a true encounter?

  • Human encounters are part of our everyday life.Withthe help of Bothmer Gymnastics we can help making our relationships more conscious, without diminishing the actual reality/depth of the encounter.
  • Maintaining inner freedom while meeting / Inner space, Personal space, Encounter space;


8. Bothmer Gymnastics – movement between two centers

  • We (as human beings) have a center of gravity on Earth. Bothmer Gymnastics consciously forms another center of gravity in the periphery. Only this way “does man determine space!”
  • The 3 Planes of space as a lively interaction between the spiritual and the physical and as basis for health, freedom and development.
  • Spiritual Individualism

Each weekend lasts from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime. The weekends can be booked as a whole course or individually. (please note the different price for individual bookings!)


Certified Bothmer gymnastics training.

Course Director:

Adrian Constantinescu– b. in Bucharest. Many years of experience in curative education. Since 2008 sports teacher at the Waldorf School Kassel. Bothmer teacher for children and adults, bmi course director on several Bothmer® trainings as well as the Bothmer® Therapy course.

Other teachers can be invited for individual topics.


English / German / Romanian

Training location:

Bucharest (RO) –Casa Rudolf Steiner, Str. Vișinilor, nr. 17,

(It is not quite in the center of Europe, but you can find cheap Flights to Bucharest from

almost everywhere. Besides that, accommodation is usually not that expensive. – We are happy to help finding something appropriate! )


until the end of 2020:

22. – 24. Nov 2019: The difference between child-education andself-development.

07. – 09.Feb. 2020: Bothmer Gymnastics – a movement meditation for the 21stcentury.

24. – 26. Apr. 2020:Biographical Development Phases and Metamorphoses in Life – I.05.- 07. Jun. 2020:Biographical Development Phases and Metamorphoses in Life – II.06.- 08. Nov. 2020:Movement exercises suitable for adults.

Further dates will be announced in early 2020.



Registering for the whole course:960 € payed in advance, or 130€ per weekend.

Registering for a weekend: € 150 per weekend

(For Eastern Europe other prices apply. – please ask us!)

Registration deadline:

October 15, 2019

Further information / registration:

Adrian Constantinescu

Tel: 0049 (0) 561 50 39 159